CD3 and other stuff

As we begin Earth to Ashes Year 10, the band is starting a journey down a new path. Whenever a band adds/changes members, as expected, the roles and dynamics of that band change. Especially, in a three piece where each member covers many responsibilities. Last year, E2A experienced a huge change with the addition of Aaron and the redefining of roles.

This year we begin work on a new CD. While I am proud of the CD that came out last year, the band on that CD doesn’t exist anymore and I want to have a CD out that reflects what we are now. What that is exactly is yet to be determined. I assume that, as with previous music, I will write a bulk of the music but with Aaron being a prog guy too I’m expecting his fingerprints will be all over the new material. Since my lyrics are shit and with the departing of the band’s main lyric writer Aaron and Mark have taken on that responsibility. I am expecting a definite shift in song topics and structure.

In between writing we will be playing shows as they come up. Currently, we have Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, Canada coming up. Keep tabs on the
Upcoming Shows page for details.

We are working on new merch designs (shirts, hats, patches…) so look for those soon.

As always, we appreciate each and everyone of you that has supported the band over the years and we look forward to making Year 10 the best year yet.