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Earth to Ashes began in early 2010 creating a sound which is a hybrid of: hard rock, progressive rock/metal, and classic 80’s metal, that quickly separated Earth to Ashes from the typical Pacific Northwest sound.

Over the first three years the band went through many line-up changes but was eventually solidified in 2013. With a solid line-up, Earth to Ashes has performed around the Pacific Northwest garnering them a loyal fan base.

The blending of classic and contemporary rock has made them the go to support act for international artists such as, Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker, Primal Fear, Fates Warning, Sister Sin, In this Moment, Doro Pesch, Sanctuary, Intronaut, Pat Travers, Bobaflex, and many more.

By 2013 the band had recorded two EP’s, a live CD. Even though there was enough older material to record a full CD, it was decided to start from scratch and write a whole new concept album. Not every band starts out with a concept CD as the freshman effort, but Earth to Ashes has never been accused of following the rules, just breaking them.

In September 2013 drum tracking began at Opal Studios with engineer/producer Kevin Hahn (Scorpions, Animotion.) Guitars and bass were recorded at Matt’s home studio and then the band was back at Opal Studios with Kevin to record vocals, mix and master. The new CD titled Curse Invoked was released on June 3, 2014 on Iron Taco Music.

Curse Invoked tells the story of an ancient curse that moves through people over the centuries. From Caesars to Generals, Teachers to Priests, Presidents to Policemen, whoever is possessed is doomed to weave a path of madness and destruction.

After playing many shows in support of Curse Invoked, Earth to Ashes took most of 2017 off from playing shows to record their sophomore effort. The new CD, the self titled Earth to Ashes, was released April 1 2018. The CD was recorded at Falcon Recording Studios in Portland, OR. Gabe Johnson engineered and shared production duties with Matt. The CD was mastered by Tim Gennert of the famed Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, CA.